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Bioptron polarized light

Duration : 10min.

Sun light uplifts spirits, reduces the joy of life and strength. Probably in dark days each of us dream of sunshine and felicity they bring; thus, SPA VILNIUS massage masters invite to pamper oneself and help the organism by menas of special Bioptron light therapy.

Often we may fear that sunlight not only heals, brings pleasure but also poses threat to our skin. Thus, a unique patented Bioptron device with a special optical unit emitting light similar to the sunlight naturally emitted by electromagnetic spectrum but without UV radiation which is harmful to our health was created.

The light energy passing from Bioptron device to the organism promotes the biostimulation process which activates the organism processes and promotes recovery. The therapy may be prescribed as an additional or main treatment measure.

Progress of Bioptron light therapy and benefits for you:

  • After the consultation and familiarisation with the therapy, you will comfortably settle and calm down. The professional will sprinkle with a moisturising product and direct the light rays to the place being treated.
  • Important! To achieve the maximum result by Bioptron light therapy, we recommend to relax and allow yourself to accept the therapeutic effects of the light. Besides, you should follow the recommended cycle and carry out the treatment every day.
  • The light therapy improves microcirculation, relieves pains, swelling, treats bruising, tendon strains, strengthens muscles, improves the quality of sleep and boosts the immune function. Of course, this is not everything but the therapeutic effects of light were trusted even by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek people. Thus, this method has already been known since antiquity but it has been significantly improved and adapted to the needs of the modern person.

Recommendations: spend some time for your body and enjoy our SPA treatments, accomplish Bioptron cycle prescribed to you.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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