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Segment individual massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 30min.

It is not a secret that the majority of us face such problems as tense neck, shoulder and back muscles and painful nodes formed due to tension touching of which makes eyes filled with tears. For this reason, we become ill-tampered and angry, have poor sleep, lose appetite, have no rest and, thus, we only even more distort our organism. However, a very simple solution, i.e. segment massage, was created.

The massage has been a wonderful measure restoring the balance of the organism and treating various diseases for centuries. And the segment massage is such type of massage which special attention is paid to certain segments treating external and internal organs.

Progress and benefits of the segment massage:

  • First, the professional will explain your health problems and familiarise with the progress of the treatment.
  • The massage master will massage all painful points of your back by different movements. Everything takes place watching your reaction and not causing pain or other unpleasant senses.
  • Then, the chest/breast is gently massaged and then the back is massaged again.
  • The treatment is finished with gentle back stroking.

Did you know that there are 4-5 cm width strips on both sides of the spine from to back to the buttocks in the human body? The massage of different areas of such strips eliminates the problems related to lungs, heart, stomach and other internal organs. Thus, the massage improves the general well-being, mood, increases working capacity.

Effects of the segment massage on the organism:

  • Positively affects blood vessels, thus, decreases or increases blood pressure, as appropriate;
  • Relieves back pains and relaxes tense muscles;
  • Properly affects all internal organs and the whole organism.

This massage promotes the muscle contraction function and activates metabolism; thus, periodical massage helps to get rid of often back pains and headache, relax tense muscles and strengthen muscles. 

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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