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Gymstick workout

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 30min.

Want to get into shape, strengthen your body, sweat out the accumulated slag, get rid of negative thoughts and lift your moods? Fine, come to Gymstick functional full body workout. Since it is not a secret that physical load helps to promote health and youth and the endorphins releasing in movement deter even depressive states.

Gymstick workouts are performed with exercise sticks with expanders (rubber expanders). The afore-mentioned exercises very effectively develop the strength of full body muscles, train endurance, improve posture and coordination and are particularly useful in development of week muscle groups, reinforcing the ligament and joint system.

Why this workout is special and useful:

  • The trainer will individually work the customer teaching the movement and exercise technique;
  • Required full concentration and focus on own body;
  • Saves your time because it is shorter than usual workouts although its effectives is often much higher;
  • Both deep muscles and external muscles are simultaneously loaded;
  • During the workout, muscles, ligaments and tendons are equally effectively strengthened.

Individual Gymstick functional workout is suitable for people of different age. You should try it even if you have not been an enthusiast of physical activity so far. The trainer will chose the complexity and intensity of exercises suitable to you.  Since it is never too late to improve.

You should definitely try this dynamic and interesting exercise method if you wish to:

  • Quickly, effectively and proportionately burden the muscles of full body;
  • Develop endurance and strength;
  • Train elasticity of the whole body;
  • Reduce the subcutaneous fat tissue layer;
  • Improve the results of any sports.

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