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Restore Your Health

Duration : From 2 nights

To enjoy life, we must first be healthy. As such, SPA VILNIUS masters have created an intensive package, of up to 5 treatments a day, to strengthen your body, immunity and regain strength.

The biggest asset of SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai is the nearby source of mineral water with its many healing powers. We also indulge you with authentic, patented healing mud and herbal treatments, healing massages and physiotherapy, all done according to long-standing traditions.

This package will:

  • renew physical strength;
  • eliminate psychological stress;
  • strengthen your body and immune system;
  • improve your general well-being;
  • restore your working capacity;
  • restore your health;
  • enrich your body with minerals.

The package price per person includes:​

I treatment
massage 30 min. (SPA VILNIUS classic / Swedish shoulders / Chinese foot Shiatsu foot / manual hand hemolymphatic drainage / prophylactic abdominal / anti-cellulite)

II treatment
mineral inhalation 10 min. (mineral / pine oil propolis / calendula) / physiotherapy 5/20 min. (phonophoresis magnotherapy low & average frequency current therapy Bioptron polarized light / ultrasonic therapy) / Gymstick exercise 30 min.

III treatment (every other day)
bath 15 min. (amber mineral Vilnius / Resistance / Salty / Strength / green tea / goat’s milk with forest berries / pine needle / vetiver / patchouli / bergamot / lemongrass / neroli’s / melissa / eucalyptus mud 20 min.) / carbonic acid bath 30 min. / mud application 20 min. / underwater massage 20 min. / underwater massage for legs & buttocks 20 min. / individual physical therapy (kinesitherapy) 30 min.  / lymphatic drainage compression therapy 30 min.

III treatment (every other day)
paraffin application 15 min. (for hands / for feet) / therapy 20/60 min. (oxygen halo amber music aroma)

IV treatment
movement therapy 20/30 min. (morning exercise / exercise at swimming pool / with Tai Chi elements) 

V treatment
mineral water treatment course (by doctor’s recommendation)

Not included in the price:
Local fee 2 € for using Druskininkai public infrastructure. The fee is not applied for children under 18.

At SPA VILNIUS the PMR medical assessment of your health condition and approval for any health/treatment package is exempt from VAT according to Article 20 of the VAT Law. If You do not visit a doctor, your services will be charged at the standard VAT rates: for accommodation – 9%, for treatments & meals – 21%.


! Attention:
  • We recommend booking movement therapy in advance so that we can provide the treatment and time you would like.
  • The territory of SPA VILNIUS, including all rooms & balconies, ARE NON-SMOKING!
  • Doctors recommend to drink this water from special water flask.
  • Please visit the swimming pool with the children till 14 years from 10.00 till 21.00.
  • Buffet dinner dress code - smart casual.
  • SPA VILNIUS administration reserves the right to promote and modify prices.

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